Happy Birthday Without You at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015 Blog

Pre-rehearsal thoughts from Sonia Jalaly and Violet Fox

A note from Sonia Jalaly:

Rehearsals start tomorrow and the show starts in three weeks and tickets are on sale and we’ve had t shirts printed and flyers printed and I have pulled out my reversible anorak and it’s purple on one side and SILVER ON THE OTHER, WHAT? So to sum up: yeah Edinburgh, we’re coming for you and we’re bringing about 5000 balloons.

I don’t know exactly what tomorrow’s rehearsals will hold. Our director Ruby has been known to get me to do an emotional reading of Midnight at the Oasis and once had me freestyle rap for an hour in a small room. SO ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN. I do know it is almost certainly going to involve a big load of fun, a great deal of sweat and a small number of good life decisions. Also, if you’re interested, every day begins with Beyonce.  That is a fact and I’m not sorry about it.

You might be wondering what we’re going to be rehearsing because, you know, we’ve done the show before, surely you know the lines by now Sonia, get over it. Well actually some things are going to change. For example this time our venue is in the round! Meaning the audience sits on all sides of the stage. Meaning they are all around me at all times. Meaning I have LITERALLY NOWHERE TO HIDE OH MY GOD. Also I have actually done some work and made some changes to the script. I know, apparently I don’t spend all my time looking at pictures of Ethel Merman on Pinterest. Who knew?

Anyway, that’s quite enough excitement for now. I’d better go limber up for tomorrow. If you need me, I’ll be saluting the sun.

A note from Violet Fox:

Blogging is for children who can’t keep to 140 characters. I let the art speak for itself. 



Paines Plough's ROUNDABOUT @ Summerhall 

7-30 August. Tickets £12 / £10 (previews £8)

BOOK NOW at http://festival15.summerhall.co.uk/event/happy-birthday-without-you/